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Some of the music I have worked on

Coral Ondarreta “50 Aniversario”

Recording & Mixing. 2017

The old timey string band "Amerikanoak"

Recording & Mixing. 2016

Leioa Kantika Korala “KTK Live!”

Recording & Mixing. 2015

Jerónimo Martín “Capturas”

Mixing. 2015

Khantoria “Bereterretchen oinatzak”

Recorging & Mixing. 2011

Xabier Amuriza, Leioa Kantika Korala eta Kepa Junkera "Beti Bizi"

Recorging & Mixing. 2011

Ibon Koteron eta Xabier Valle "Albokak 2.1"

Recorging & Mixing. 2010

Sokaide "Ortozik"

Recorging & Mixing. 2010

Silboberri "Arian Arian""

Recording & Mixing. 201O

Gozategi “Bizi bizirik”

Masterización. 201O

Realvolution “Realvolution”

Recording & Mixing. 2009

Dronadar “Dronadar”

Recording & Mixing. 2005

Sociedad Artistico Cultural Zornoza "1954-2004"

Recording & Mixing. 2004

Kepa Junkera "Athletic bihotzez"

Recording & Mixing. 2004

Txozas “Directos al infierno”

Recording & Mixing. 2001

Otxandio, Oleta, Ubide eta Legudioko gabonetako kantak

Recording & Mixing. 2000


FORMAL EDUCATION - BSc (hons) Music, Acoustics and Recording by the University of Salford (UK)

EXPERIENCE - Professional since 1998


I come from Bilbao, the Basque Country, Spain, and I am based here right now. When I finished school I went to Manchester (UK) to study BSc (Hons) Music, Acoustics and Recording in the University of Salford. I graduated with honors and I have been a sound engineer since. Before returning home assisted studio sessions in Soul II Soul studios in London for a while.

Back here I started as a assistant in Elkar Estudios and learned from two excellent engineers, Jean Phocas and Cesar Ibarretxe. I have had my own studio, Balea Musika ideiak, with some partners for some thirteen years.


Nowadays I work as a freelance and as a in house engineer in the word class Tio Pete studios. I love recording bands playing together and the lovely live rooms in Tio Pete are ideal for this. What I enjoy most though is mixing, and I can do that in a studio or in my home setup.

I enjoy working in very diverse genres, from classical to rock, from folk to urban music genres.



+34 687 81 71 56



I am based in Bilbao, Basque country, Spain